Things to see in Zagreb

Things To See in Zagreb, The Beautiful Capital of Croatia

An influential core of air and rail connection in Croatia, Zagreb – Its Capital — is often overlooked by tourists visiting the country and heading straight to the beaches of the Adriatic Sea. But do you know what things to see in Zagreb in case you pass by this beautiful place?

The capital with just over 800,000 residents, it still has the expected spirit by those who visit Eastern Europe, with historic buildings, churches, alleys, and monuments. Besides the rich history, you can visit excellent and trendy cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. It is a new world to discover even in a short time. Just in case you get curious, the city became the capital of Croatia only in 1991, as in Yugoslavia times the capital was Belgrade (Serbia).

Among the things to see in Zagreb, we have the historical center, where we can spot the main attractions which you can separate by two parts, called the Upper Town and Lower Town. You can go by walking or if you rather, you can take the electric trams that circulate in every corner.


Zagreb has a division, we can call it by Upper Town and Lower Town. The Upper Town is the most beautiful, well-organized, full of cool old buildings. By walking there, you see one beautiful church, with a beautiful roof, all designed. The beautiful cathedral has two superimposed towers, the funicular, the Bana Islacica square and several streets full of bars and restaurants.

Things to see in Zagreb
Zagreb old town streets at night. Zagreb, Croatia

Upper Town has a very curious attraction between the things to see in Zagreb because at this wonderful place, you will find the Museum of Broken Hearts. The Museum of Broken heart displays all objects that once were part of love stories but no longer exist. That was the first in the world, but now, it seems that there are some in other cities as well.
You can get there by taking a peculiar cable car, or if you feel like appreciating the view, you can get there by walking too. You will have the best view of the city from there. But if you are looking for another panorama of the city, you can visit the Lotrscak tower. It is a 13th-century building, which got built to guard the main gates of Zagreb.

You also can find many beautiful places to visit such as squares, museums and churches and public buildings, such as the government by walking around the Upper town. One of the most famous squares in Zagreb is St. Mark’s Square, it is a very peculiar church, with the roof of tiles covered by drawings of symbols of the country.

Another nice idea for you of things to do in Zagreb is to stroll through its large squares or parks, such as Park Zrinjevac and Park J. J. Strossmayera. The staff takes the time to walk around the square or laze on the lawn. Great for relaxing in an environment surrounded by nature and beautiful buildings.

As well as throughout Europe, churches are also great attractions concerning things to see in Zagreb. It is impossible not to admire its imposing buildings. People go there to pray, thank, and order.

The Lower Town is not as pretty, but it’s worth the ride. There is the bus station, the Botanical Garden, the Marsala Tita Square (Marshal Tito), where there are a museum and theater, and several well-lined streets.


Independent on to know about the things to see in Zagreb, it is obvious you are wondering how to get there, right? If you are traveling through southern Croatia to the north, probably Zagreb will be your final destination. Among the larger cities, such as Zadar, you would be relatively close since it is about 4 hours away. You can also get there by flying, of course, or coming from other countries by land. If you are traveling from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, you will only need a few hours driving as it is very close.


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