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How To Become An English Teacher Overseas

Do you want to explore the world and make a good salary while doing it? You might have heard the hundreds of opportunities for teaching English abroad for fluent/native English speakers to live as local in countries like Turkey, China, Spain and to earn well at work. It is effortless to be an English teacher overseas if you are fluent in English.

Every year almost 1 billion people join English classes because it only takes a degree in English to get a job as a professional English Teacher overseas due to the soaring demand for English Teachers. The only thing which varies from state to state and school to school in hiring an English teacher overseas are the requirements. Below, I’m listing three frequently asked questions to make you understand the demands for teaching English abroad.

How To Become An English Teacher Overseas?

According to a recent survey, almost 280,000 English speakers are employed abroad as English teachers every year, and most of them join this international adventure having a little or no teaching background. There are many schools which seek to hire teachers who are experienced and certified, but there are also thousands of language institutes and schools which hire teachers without a teaching background or prior experience. Individuals who hold a TEFL Certification are appointed immediately.

TEFL certification can be credited by joining certification classes. It can be a tough task to get a job as an English Teacher in Singapore and UAE without any teaching background but from Turkey to Spain there are 100 nations across the globe which will hire you as an English teacher, and you will be paid a handsome salary.

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What if you are a non-native English Speaker?

This requirement also differs from country to country. Countries like China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam prefer native English speakers, and sometimes it is also demanded to submit proof of having citizenship from a native English speaking state. These are the same requirements for hiring an English Teacher in Persian Gulf countries. Other things that make you eligible to teach English overseas are;

  • Your fluency in speaking English and accent. You must not have a thick non-native accent.
  • People with TEFL certification, university degree like Masters in English and having little prior experience in English have more chance of getting employed as an English Teacher.
  • Other factors for getting a job as an English teacher to involve your access to visa and citizenship. Like citizens of Europe with English speaking and teaching skills will be preferred over the individuals who are non-European. Similarly under different circumstances like having a citizenship or residency visa in any foreign country can make it easy for you to gain employment.
  • In Latin America, you can get hired as an English teacher by a good interview and portfolio. You don’t necessarily need to have a teaching background or from a native English speaking country.

Can you apply for a teaching job if you don’t have a college/ university degree?

In European, Asian and Gulf countries it is compulsory that you hold a college degree. However, many private schools have their requirements, and English speakers can easily get teaching jobs without showing a college degree in countries like Mexico, Latin America, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Peru. If you are looking for a teaching job overseas, you must research thoroughly and widen your horizon to apply as an English teacher by your qualification and background. If you hold a TEFL certification your chances of being hired are bright, get going!

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English Teacher overseas


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