Amsterdam in Winter

12 Things That Will Make You Love Amsterdam In Winter

If you are a travel junkie, then you will know that when visiting a new place, you should pick an optimum time to visit the city. When it comes to Amsterdam, winter is the season when you should visit the city for the best experience. The Dutch capital transforms itself into a winter wonderland during the colder months of the year, and Amsterdam in winter will be an exposure that you are not likely to forget any time soon.

Amsterdam in Winter:

Amsterdam in Winter

If you can, Google pictures of Amsterdam in winter and that will be reason enough to visit the city when winter arrives. The snowfall makes the city look picturesque and the chill in the air makes you want to snuggle up near a fireplace. The larger parks such as the Vondel Park or Wester Park are the best places to visit in Amsterdam at the time as they will give you the opportunity to take a peek at vast expanses of uninterrupted snow—perfect for a snowball fight! If you are wondering what to wear in Amsterdam, then make sure you pack plenty of woolen clothes!

Ice-Skating On Frozen Canals:

When the conditions are just right, the canals freeze and one of the fun things to do in Amsterdam at that time is to ice-skate on the canal, it will make you feel like you are in a movie, and is an experience that you do not want to miss out on.

The Christmas Markets:

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, several independent markets open shop in the city selling everything from produce to food, to drinks, to trendy pieces of jewelry’. They are the best spots in Amsterdam for you to pick out souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

The Christmas Lights:

In the winter, during the weeks leading up to Christmas, you will find the city adorned in beautiful lighting. So, it is not just the snow, but the lights as well which help transform the city into something straight out of a fairytale.

Dutch Food:

Amsterdam in Winter

While you can enjoy the food at any time of the year, the Dutch cuisine is specially designed to warm you from the inside out. Hence, one of the things you must do in Amsterdam try out snert or stamppot as perfect meal to complete your experience. If you are visiting during the winter, then you will be able to experience oliebollen which are a type of doughnut as well which come out only during the winter months in Amsterdam.

Spending The New Year’s:

Amsterdam in Winter
Christmas season in Amsterdam 

On December 31st, Amsterdam is filled with festivals to celebrate the upcoming year. One of the Amsterdam winter activities are the fireworks, make sure you stay for them as it is likely to be something that you have never, and will never experience again.

Christmas Drinks:

As it is the festive season, you will be able to enjoy certain special festive drinks when you visit the city and they will be worth the trip. Try out borkbier and gluhwein to experience the magic of Amsterdam’s festive drink as these spicy concoctions will not only make you “merry” but also keep you warm during the night!

National Tulip Day:

Amsterdam in Winter

At the end of January, the people of Amsterdam celebrate National Tulip Day where thousands of colorful Tulips are planted, and people can pick up a bouquet of their own, free of cost!

Valentine’s Day:

If you are planning Valentine’s Day retreat then there can be no place better than Amsterdam. Not only will you be blessed with a beautiful view but most restaurants cafes, and other eateries organize special events for couples as well as for singles to enjoy the day.

Fewer People:

Amsterdam in Winter

Generally speaking, there are fewer people in Amsterdam around this time of the year, so you do not have to visit crowded places. Instead, you can visit the Anne Frank Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum at your own pace and not have to worry about avoiding the queues. • Chinese New Year: To celebrate the Chinese New year, Amsterdam host wonderful events and you can spend a day, filled with fun activities. If you are looking for cool things to do in Amsterdam, these activities come highly recommended.


A Dutch word that does not have any exact English translations; it mostly stands for “relaxing,” “cozy” or being “quaint.” If you want to get away from the stress of your everyday life, there is no better time to visit Amsterdam than when everything is gezellig.

Amsterdam in winter is very exciting; there are many things for you to do when you go there during the winter months. You will not even spend one day in Amsterdam feeling bored or at a loss of what to do since they have not only beautiful cultural sites but also exciting festivities during the end of the year.

12 Things That Will Make You Love Amsterdam In Winter

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